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Founded by Trevor McAlees and Gordon Bufton, Genius Creators Collective is an exclusive community for young creators to connect and become empowered in building the future. The members (Genius Creators) include entrepreneurs, musicians, athletes, actors, executives, investors, and artists who are 35 or younger when they join.

“Everything you need and everything you will ever need is right here. It’s right there, around you, inside you, happening now. There’s nothing more important; nothing more essential than connecting”. If you want to challenge yourself, connect with great minds and build the greatest things, send your application to join Genius Creators Collective.

  • WE ARE CREATORS, entrepreneurs, investors, executives, and young leaders, building our futures. 
  • ​WE CONNECT to unlock infinite possibilities.
  • ​WE CREATE spaces and communities where we are safe to grow and learn together. 
  • WE TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for the creation in our lives.
  • WE BELIEVE this is all there is! And we CREATE at the depth of connection to self and others.
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